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Differences between Italy and Canada

1.One of the main differences between Canada and Italy is that in Italy if you want to cross the road you must wait until there are no cars because, even if you are on the pedestrian crossing, no one will stop to let you cross!!!


This is what will happen if you cross the road in Italy and you hadn’t look if there were cars!!!

Insted in Canada the cars stop to let you cross the road!!!

So this what happen in Canada…. if there are pedestrian crossing everyone stop!!!

2. In Italy people are allowed to smoke and drink since they are 16 here in Canada people can’t smoke ore drink until they are 19!!! And I think that’s a really good thing!!

3. In Italy you can bring alcool with you while you are walking on the road, in Canada you can drink alcool only in pub or at home!!

4. In Italy at school you have your own class and are the teachers who must change class!!!

5.  One other difference is that in Italy we eat really later than in Canada we usually have dinner from 8:00 to 10:00!!!

6. In Italy people eat a lot of pasta or pizza instead in Canada they eat more meat which is always fabulous!!!



Vancouver Aquarium and Stanely Park

On Monday we went to the aquarium and to Stanely Park!!

First we visted the aquarium and we saw the dolphins’ show anth belugas’ show!!Image Image

These funny whales are very clever and   also very sweet!!! Their show doesn’t impress you because they  do beautiful jumps or stuff like that but because you can see how sensible they are!! 

The dolphins instead,as usual, they are one of the most attraction of the aquarium !! They do wonderful jumps and funny moves!! Even if I found it very cool I think that the belugas’ show is more interessing!!!

After the aqurium we went to Stanely Park!!!!

There we did a marvelous tour on bikes…. I have ridden for the first time a tandem!!!!! I also made a crash :S but fortunately no one got hurt!!

Ambleside Beach


On the second day we went to Ambleside beach…. It’s a wonderful beach with a really white sand and thera are also some beach volleyball courts!!!! We often go there to swim or just to have some rest!!!

Behind the beach there is Ambleside Park where we usually play soccer!!



Lynn Canyon


This is the suspension bridge It’s 50 meters high and when we went to Lynn Canyon we had to cross it!!! That was really cool because while you were walking on it all the bridge moved and you were scared to fell down!!!  


After few minutes of walking we arrived here… this place is really beautiful the water is so blue that I would like to get in there!! In fact there were so many people who were doing clif jumping… that was really cool, seeing all those guys diving from the clif!!!

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